2013 Ranked 16th Overall Futurity Rider
2013 BBR Northern 1D Champion
2014 Ranked 17th Overall Futurity Rider
2014 BBR Northern 1D Champion
2014 5th BBR Futurity Riders Guild

  • 2nd 1D Hermosa
  • 8th Patriot Futurity Long Go

PLAIN AND FAMOUS- Owned by the Johnson Family
  • 10th Avg Kohr Futurity
  • Places 9th 1st round of Dash and Dance Futurity
  • Places in 1D Rapid City Barrel Bash

TIPPIN IT GUYS WAY​-Owned by Ron and Linda Paulson-FOR SALE
  • 5th Avg Dash and Dance Futurity
  • Places in 1D at Dash and Dance 4D
  • 6th Avg Cornhusker Futurity
  • 6th in 1st Rd of Triangle Cross Futurity
  • 10th Avg Triangle Cross Futurity
  • 5-State Futurity Finalist
  • WINS Fizz Bomb Pole Futurity
  • 3rd Avg at Roper Rally Futurity
  • Runs FAST TIME of Futurity/Derby Roper Rally
  • 4th Avg at Grid Iron Breeders Futurity
  • WINS December Triangle Cross Jackpot
  • 2nd Black Hills Stock Show Jackpot
  • LTE -$9000

FL GET YOUR GAME ON​-Owned by the Flannery Family-FOR SALE
  • WINS Kohr Pole Bending Futurity
  • WINS or Places at several Pole Bendings
  • 2nd 5-State Pole Futurity
  • 2nd Grid Iron Pole Futurity
  • Reserve TriFecta Pole Futurity Horse
  • LTE-$4355.00

IKNOW SHEKNOWS IKNOW​-Owned by Cody and Renea Smith
  • Places 6th in 1st Rd at Dash and Dance
  • Places 5th in 2nd Rd of Cornhusker
  • 5th in 1st Rd Triangle Cross Futurity

Scott and Samantha Flannery
27251 288th St.
Mission, SD  57555
Home  605-856-4158
Cell  402-322-0944