Ashes to Wind (Ashes in the Fire by Windy Gal Leo by Leo Maudie). Futurity, rodeo and 4-D $$ winner.  This gelding was just short of suicidal, but he was fun to run!
Belle Ann Candy  This mare has been everywhere, futurities, major 4-D's, Youth AQHA world show, College semi-finals, PRCA and amatuer rodeos.  Currently owned by Cheri Chance
BA Dashin Bandi (Dashin Elvis X Kirkette by Dr Kirk) Futurity earnings of around $15,000.  2008 Bold Heart Futurity Champion.  Thank you Bogie and Amy Webb for giving me the oppurtunity to ride this nice mare.
Frenchmans Chelsie (Frenchmans Guy by Handy Elza by Tiger Handy) This mare won alittle over $14,000 in futurities and also won me $$ at rodeos and derbies.  5-State Derby Champion, Fizz Bomb Pole champion.  Thank you Julie and JR Clark for giving me the opportunity to ride my first FG.
Kelly Megabucks (Runnerelse X Kelly Wig by Wiggy Bar)
I'm not sure this mare won any $$, but she sure was a nice horse.
Miss Geminy Oak (Docs Oak X Gems Feminist by Doc Bar Gem)  LTE of over $35,000 in the futurity pen, WPRA, 4-D's, etc.  This mare was so much fun because she could do good in any size arena on any ground.  Currently owned by Donna Lynn Williams.  Dam of Miss Geminy Frost and Little Geminy
Flaming Patty (Pat Cowan X Flaming Elza by Flaming Jet) Fun FUN mare.  Nathan had a ball getting this mare ready for Fulton's Sale in 2009. Another great all-around mare.
Little Geminy (Little Gallito X Miss Geminy Oak by Docs Oak) This is a little mare with a huge amount of personality.  We enjoyed Ruby in all aspects, futurities, Jr rodeos, ranching, etc.  There was nothing we couldn't do on her.  Currently owned by Jamie Thompson
Venturas Ashes (Ashes in the Fire X Venturas Jackie by Stack O Jack) This is a phenomenol mare that we'll never know her total capabiltiies.  She has major wire cuts on both front feet, but has still won $$ in the futurity, derby and 1D pen.  I still own this mare and use her from time to time.
Windchester Magnum (Runnerelse X Gallant Livin by Living Proof) Futurity $$ winner of over $10,000.  Currently ridden by Rhonda Richardson where has been a WPRA, PRCA and amatuer rodeo $$ earner.
Miss Geminy Frost (Sunfrost X Miss Geminy Oak by Docs Oak) Futurity Earnings of around $14,000.  Roper Rally and Bold Heart Futurity Champion.  Thank you Patty Finney for letting me ride such a great horse.
Biankus Honey (Frenchmans Biankus) over $10,000 in Futurity $$ won.  This was a beautiful mare that came on quick.  She was very fast with sling shot turns that could stop the clock.  Currently owned by Angela Miller of Tennessee.
Run Reno Run (Runnerelse X Miss Jet Deck Too)  This was probably my first great futurity horse.  My goals with her were to leave all the barrels standing and make $$ everywhere I went and we did.

Ham was a 2003 son of the late "Runnerelse"  Ham won $$ at rodeos, major 4-D's and derbies. Ham is a horse that nobody will forget, RIP old friend.
Nother Time to Cash  This mare is owned by Kohr Qtr Horses and ridden by Sage Kohr.  I got the opportunity to show this awesome little mare at the AZ futurities in 2010.   Everything about this mare brings a smile to my face, her gritty performances, her pig-pen apperance and the lasting friendships
UX Heza Red Man aka Scar.  What a ride we had, winning futurities, placing in slot races and rodeos.  Scar beat them by being clean and fluid in his runs.  I loved this horse!!
Just Junior by Magnums Chrissy was pretty special and he went to a special family that could appreciate everything this gelding could do.  Everyone needs to have a horse like him around.
Clabbers First aka Lucky was just a fun horse to have around.  We did alot on him and had a good time doing it.
CM Stoney Bubbles aka Scooby.  I can only pray God blesses me with another one as good as him someday.
RJ Blazin Blonde aka Delores.  Neat mare with a big heart and a ton of try.  Great all-around mare and we used her for everything.  Thanks Jerry Adamson for sending her our way.
Shez Gota Poker Face
Bold and Famous